The goal of the open-porn initiative is it to spread the idea of creative commons in the porn industry as well as in the amateur porn scene.

We are a group of people who like porn but also like the open community and open content.

Free is not Open and Open does not always mean free.

We know that there are countless free porn sites out there in the Internet. But free does not mean open and, in the case of porn, "free" often means illegal content.

We know that many people make there living in the porn industry and need this money. But open does not always mean free.

We want to motivate the porn industry to experiment and create with creative commons licenses and advertise their work with it.

Open porn is good for everyone

The porn industry is one of the leading areas for experimenting with new technologies and bringing them to the mainstream market.

With this knowledge in mind, the open porn initiative wants nothing more then bringing creative commons to every content producing industry.